Brynaman Primary School
Ysgol Gynradd Brynaman

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular activities are of vital importance to the school for several reasons. They are an essential part of the individual's personal and educational development. Although the school serves a distinct catchment area, it aims at broadening the horizons of the pupils with visits to the theatre, cinemas, areas of special interest, Urdd activities and concerts on special occasions. When an outside visit is arranged then the school asks the parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost. We also encourage children who participate in activities at local clubs to inform us of certificates and achievements they have been awarded. Presentations are made in school assemblies and children are complimented on achievements at clubs and societies during their leisure time. The school has strong sporting and cultural traditions.


After School Clubs

The following Clubs will run after school (3.30 - 4.30) until half term.



Board Game Club (Mrs Evans)



Code Club (Miss Griffiths)

Fit Club (Mrs Jones 3:10-4:15)

Summer sports club (Mrs Page) 




School Council (Miss C Thomas)

Eco Club (Miss N Thomas)

Football (Mr Kiley)

Quiz club (Mrs James)



Choir (Mrs Stevenson)






School Council


School Council


The School Council are elected by their class to represent our views. The main aim of the council is to work hard in school to improve our school. The School Council provides a strong voice for pupils at school on how the school is run. They meet regularly with Mrs Morgan and Miss Thomas and discuss different ways of improving the school, fundraising opportunities and much more.


Committe Members 

Chair person  Morgan Lucas
Vice Chair person Brooke Jones
Treasurer:   Zac Hurley
Secretary:    Seren D'Angelo, Lucas Neate
Year 1:   Macsen Davies,  Maise Szulik
Year 2:   Dylan Bartlett, Rachel Hurley
Year 3:   Dyfan Battenbough, Ella Harries, Gethyn Nordhoff
Year 4:  Celyn Morris, Liam Hulbert, Georgia Palfrey
Year 5:   Mali Lewis, Lucas Neate, Seren D'Angelo
Year 6: 

 Zac Hurley, Brook Jones, Morgan Lucas                                                                             



School Speakers Award 2017

Highly Commended Badge 2016


Christmas Fair








Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

 Year 3

Iestyn Elcock, Rhianna Williams,

Year 4 

Andy Wu, Elin Thomas, Indie Osborne

Year 5

 Elan Rees, Harri Knight

Year 6

Osian Helbert, Bethan Dobson, Preston Osborne, Seren Morrison


 APP Reviews

Tric a Chlic, Sumdog, Brawddegau, Bingo, Mickey Mouse Maths, Betsan a Rocco, Guto Nyth Bran, Darllen y Ddraig, Photo Booth, Book Creator


Downloading Google Chrome 


Coding- Microbits



Creating Qr Codes



Using J2E5 to create posters on how to make qr codes





Coding (J2Code)



Preparing for safer internet day 2018 using 'Do Ink'



IMG 2788

IMG 2789




10 top tips


Eco - Club

Eco Committee

The Eco-Schools Programme encourages pupils to engage with sustainable development and global citizenship issues. Our school has an Eco-Committee that is made up of pupils, staff and govenors. The Eco-Committee meets regulary to discuss Eco matters such as litter, waste and recycling.


Members of the Eco-Committee

Year 1:   Celyn Davies, Harri Jones
Year 2:            Caian Rees, Ffion Morrison
Year 3:  Rhys Jones, Efa-Mai Fairburn, Lily Anthony
Year 4:    Amber Griffiths, Llyr Thomas, Mason Lloyds
Year 5:    Gracie Garland-Griffiths, Cai Thomas
Year 6: 

 Jospeh Neate, Elisha Anthony, Taylor Davies                                                                                      


Platinum Award



Eco Club at the National Botanical Gardens



Making bird food 


Collecting rubbish


Fair Trade 





  • Don't waste electricity.
  • Respect school property.
  • Recycle.
  • Keep the school clean and tidy.
  • Turn off all electical appliance after use.
  • Turn off computer trollies when not in use.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Walk to school.
  • Make the most of the outdoor environment.




Code Club

Code Club 2



Year 3 and 4





Year 5 and 6



Useful Websites


Hour of Code




Code Club






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